Ok, so you’ve learned about why MESOA was set up and what it means – but what about what we do? What about the products we make?

Even though we’ve got big plans for future products, we chose to launch with only three: our EXFOLIANT, MOISTURISER and BEARD OIL.


Because an integral part of MESOA’s journey is making sure we take you on it with us; releasing new products further down the line based on the feedback and demands of the MESOA community.

After all, we’re making our products for you, meaning if we launched with a dozen – three quarters of which you had no real use for – then we wouldn’t be providing the value that our community deserves.

We’ve launched with what we consider to be the most important three: a trio of essential, everyday products which – tried and tested by men, for men – are a product of our environment.



At the cornerstone of every great grooming regime is an exfoliant. Because, before you can even consider putting other products on, you need a product that helps take dirt off, first and foremost.

Yes, your skin sheds dead cells naturally every 30 days, give or take; but it doesn’t get rid of them completely.

These leftover cells can create dry, flaky patches of skin and clogged pores – and that’s where our EXFOLIANT saves the day. Safe for both your face and hands – used regularly – it helps get rid of old cells, penetrating the surface to reveal the younger, fresher skin beneath.

Thanks to a unique mix of Ecuadorian ivory palm seeds, aloe vera, sandalwood, neroli and mandarin oils, this is, hands down, the best hand and face scrub we’ve ever gotten our hands-on.

Of course, we’re a little biased – so why not buy and find out for yourself?

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With your face freshly exfoliated, you don’t want to let it down by using an inferior moisturising cream. Because, with men’s skin generally oilier and thicker than that of a woman’s, using just any old cream on your face can actually do more harm than good.

Thankfully, our MOISTURISER has been formulated, crafted and tested specifically with men’s skin in mind.

Versatile, light, used day and night; the unique MESOA formulation hydrates and brings to life tired, dull skin. Thanks to natural emulsifiers and skin-friendly PH levels, it also helps create a protective layer for your face, too. And, just like our EXFOLIATOR, we’ve decided to use the same winning combination of sandalwood, neroli and mandarin in our MOISTURISER, too.

Meaning, scent-wise, we’ve created products that complement each other – naturally.

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Love ‘em or hate ‘em, beards aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. And, just like any other part of your body, if you’ve got one, then you need to look after it properly – because we’ve all been there, haven’t we? You know, the itchy phase.The patchy phase. The out-of-control phase.

Regardless of where you find yourself in beard growing process, we know that it goes through a lot every day. A lot of scratching. A lot of touching. A lot of rain, wind, sun and, depending where you are in the world, snow.

Which is why, with essential oils to soften, hydrate and condition, our BEARD OIL puts back what life takes out of your facial hair.

Just like all of MESOA’s products, it’s packed with sandalwood, neroli and mandarin – leaving your beard smelling the best it can.

But, with jojoba, marula and apricot, it’s packed with the all the nutrients that help leave your beard looking and feeling the best it can be, too.

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