Back To Basics

Here at MESOA, we’re all about education and helping you guys get set up with the best grooming routine to maximise those good looks. So whether you’re a pro at pampering yourself or you’re just starting out, MESOA can help find you the perfect natural products suited to your skin type.

Self-care has always been thought of and marketed as something women practice, but now, in 2022, men are ahead of the curve, and we’re making ourselves known in this industry. Self-love has become a way of life for us modern men, and to reach our full potential in our personal and working lives, we need a clear mind and that, my friends, is what self-care is all about.

Let’s take it back to basics and look at the first steps to a self-care routine and the simplest way to get your skin, hair and body in perfect condition.

>Gently Cleanse
Washing your face with our powerful Cleansing Face Wash will remove all the dirt, grime, and excess oil built up on your skin and settle in your pores. All this nastiness will clog your pores, resulting in breakouts, acne, redness, and dull shine. Think of your skin as a canvas, and a face wash is a way of cleaning the canvas before you add anything. Be sure to use this product twice a day. In the morning, to get rid of the dirt you accumulated while you slept, and in the night, flush away the days build up.

>Scrub Away
Time to shed. After you cleanse, it’s time to scrub away all those dead skin cells, allowing healthier skin to surface. Our Deep Cleansing Exfoliant will brighten your complexion and help to minimise fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a gentle scrub with essential oils that nourish and invigorate without damaging your skin.

>Beard Man
If you’re clean-shaven, skip to the next step. But if you’re a bearded brother, listen up. Our premium Rejuvenating Beard Oil will provide hydration, soften, and tame your facial hair while delivering a hit of moisture to your skin underneath. Our beard oil will also help to stimulate growth and give you a thicker, longer, and stronger beard that will be admired by all. Don’t forget to pair with our Boar Hair Beard Brush for fine-tuning!

>Oh, so smooth
Mastering a clean shave can be a process, and if you’re not doing it correctly, you’ll feel the burn. Top tips: Be sure to exfoliate and wash with warm water before you start; if you shave daily, be sure to replace your blades every five to seven shaves. Our Hydrating Shaving Gel is perfect for protecting and repairing your skin from irritation and allowing your razor to glide with no pressure.

>Body & Hair
Skincare goes further than just our face, let’s not forget our body and scalps. We all know that soap dries your skin, so treating your body with a premium shower gel that is sensitive on your skin is a necessity. First thing in the morning, or before a night out, get invigorated and refreshed with our award-winning Peppermint & Tea Tree Invigorating Shower Gel, which will foam up, rinse off and take grit, sweat and odours with it.

And for your hair? If the scalp is not cleansed regularly, there will be a build-up of bacteria, which is not good for your hair’s health. It doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Choose our Revive Moisture Shampoo and Deep Moisture Conditioner, or if you’re a busy guy, try our Peppermint & Tea Tree 2-In-1, and adopt the new habit of taking care of your hair’s look, feel and condition. Finish your style with our Matte Textured Hair Clay, and have a good hair day every day.

>Moisture Time
Your skin can have a tough time thanks to sun damage, dirt, oil, and daily shaving, which can leave your skin vulnerable. Be sure to moisturise twice a day, in the morning and before bed. Moisturising right after a shower will help trap some of the water in your skin, helping to keep it hydrated. Treat your skin with our signature range Revitalising Moisturiser and get ready for a smoother complexion.

They say consistency is the key to success, and by creating a regular grooming routine with these basic steps, you will reach your age-defying mission. So get MESOA products today and put your freshest face forward each and every day.

All eyes on you.