Beat The Skincare Stereotype - Stereotype Conversations

In life, we’re surrounded by stereotypes. Pink for girls and blue for boys has set the precedent for far too long.

As a guy, we walk into the beauty aisle at the store to browse the options, and we can almost feel the physical weight of the stigma and the embarrassment attached to male beauty, like we don’t belong there and we shouldn’t be interested in this stuff.

Men have been conditioned to believe that skincare products or beauty products are for the ladies only, that males can’t use these products for fear of judgement, but men have skin too, and we should also be concerned with personal care, hygiene, and grooming.

The male stereotype originates way back to the caveman days. Then, big, tough men went out hunting for food, battling mammoths and sabre-tooth tigers, showing their strength, fighting for their possessions, while ‘their women’ were nurturing and domestic and spent their gathering the plants to eat. Sound familiar?

A recent study involving men aged 18-30 was conducted and identified seven key concepts that represent some unhealthy and damaging social pressures that young men are subjected to. Men that conform to these stereotypes and agree with these statements were identified as being in the ‘Man Box’.

• Self-sufficiency: Talking with others about your issues and concerns is weak; Men should figure out their personal problems without asking for help.
• Acting tough: A guy who doesn’t fight back is weak; Guys should always act strong even if they feel scared and nervous.
• Physical attractiveness: Successful men look good, but spending too much time on your looks is not manly.
• Gender roles: Men don’t do household chores; Men should be the financial providers for their families.
• Heterosexuality and homophobia: A gay guy is not a real man; Straight guys should not have gay friends.
• Hypersexuality: A real man has as many sexual partners as possible; A real man never says no to sex.
• Aggression and control: Men should use violence when necessary. A fight is always the way to work out who is best.

The respondents who supported and agreed with the ‘Man Box’ stereotypes experienced a host of negative physical, mental and social health outcomes in their lives, including:
• 64% had suicidal thoughts
• 55% had been involved in a road traffic accident or fight in the last year
• 71% had physically bullied someone else

The conclusion of this study showed the huge amount of work needed to shift these male stereotypes by redefining the new norms for any man, which MESOA are 100% behind!
• Asking for help is a sign of strength
• Tough men show their vulnerabilities
• Any authentic man is attractive
• Domestic roles and chores are not defined by gender
• Gender identity is independent of biological sex, be friends with anyone you gel with
• Real and lasting relationships are the most fulfilling
• Talking and collaboration is the answer to aggression and control.

Do you worry about stereotypes? Not fitting into that masculine bracket that all men should be placed in? Tough, strong, tall, 6-pack? That in itself is a stereotype; we come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Many men may not like to admit they use skincare; again not to rock the ‘cool’ boat, they’ll keep it off social media and won’t discuss it with their friends. But we at MESOA encourage that! We want more guys to come forward and embrace grooming, feeling and looking good, there’s nothing wrong with that. More of us need to prioritise self-care in our busy lives.

Dove did a poll a while back on men, and their relationship with self-care and the results showed that 35% of those asked were concerned about their under-eye circles, dull skin, or general skin impurities, which tells us maybe more men care than we may think. Modern men are curious, at the very least, and lots want to make the change to start taking care of their skin, and we can help.

MESOA Skincare was created to change the narrative on men’s skincare and how we define masculinity. Women look after their skin to help boost their confidence, give them self-esteem, make them look and feel good, so what about us?

What does a basic skincare routine look like for men?

If you’re just getting started with a skincare routine or are tight on time, we have the perfect triple pack to get your skin in its best condition.

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The final destination for MESOA is to normalise the notion that beauty products are for anyone with skin, no matter your height, weight, build or gender. We will forever talk about men’s self-care journey and what we can do together to stand up against the stereotypes that surround us.

With our online community page and our social channels, we are spreading the word and helping to change the view on male grooming, and we are shouting out loud about how much of a difference self-care will make to your body, your mind, and your world.

Get started on your journey today.