Community Spirit At Its Best!

Community Spirit At Its Best!
Earlier this week we put out a call, across social media channels and our newsletter, for any superheroes to come forward.

We wanted to hear your inspirational stories to help lift the mood of the nation during these difficult and unusual times.

One particular story that captured our imagination was that of Hannah Molloy from Manchester.

Hannah and her fellow residents, set about producing and distributing leaflets around the local community, offering help to vulnerable individuals who now find themselves self-isolating.

This incredibly generous, community-spirited initiative has been well received with countless elderly and unwell neighbours accepting the offer of dog walking, supermarket shopping and prescription collecting.

At the time of writing, their Facebook group already has 120 active members, providing a place for people to not only seek physical help but to also find companionship and others to chat with.

As we all know, being able to maintain communication during these times of isolation will be vital in helping each other survive mentally. So, if like Hannah, you’re aware of vulnerable individuals in your community, reach out. Let’s get through this together.

And if you’d like to share your inspirational story on this or any other subject, please drop us an email on or through our social channels.

Stay safe!