Feeling Good In The New Year

New month, new year, new start! How fresh are you feeling going into the new year? Are you writing up your resolutions? 

At the beginning of each year, we all make vows to either do or not do something to improve our life in some way or another. A fresh start of a new year is magically equated with a fresh start in life, in the hope that all things will be better on this next trip around the sun. The new year is a time for reinventions or preparing for reinventions at least.

The thing about making resolutions is 1) they must mean something to you, they must have an effect on you and your life and 2) they must be made for you, and not for anyone else. We want to push and improve ourselves for us, for our benefit not for all those people that are watching from the sidelines. We must only concentrate on making us happy and whilst taking inspiration from others is a positive thing, we all need a helping hand, comparing yourself for others should never be on the playlist. This is you, this is your life, own it. Don't let the pressures of everyone around you affect your decisions.

Your resolutions may be big! Start a new company, travel the world, work towards that big promotion, but then some may be smaller and just as important. Read more books and learn, get more fresh air, join the gym, start a skincare regime (enter MESOA!). After the stress of 2020 and 2021, the little things really do make a difference, and you’ll look back and realise they were the big things too! Reading more books will help you learn new skills, fresh air is mentally good for you, gym membership and skincare will look after you and your body in the long run. These small things will make a massive difference.

Making changes can be hard but you must start the year with a positive mindset. You will stick to the resolutions, you will try hard, you will learn and grow as a person. All these things you are in charge of, you hold the cards, you are in command. And for those things outside of your control, you must have hope. Covid will always be around, of that I’m sure, but be we must stay optimistic that it will not interfere too much with our lives in 2022, that fate will not step in
and mess up our plans, that the path we chose will have no restrictions.

After the fun and festivities of Christmas, January can be hard. The month when that credit card bill comes in for starters! But again, we must stay positive. Change can happen on any day; we don’t need to wait for Jan 1st to reinvent ourselves or make self-improvements that will benefit us moving forward. That can be done when the sun wakes every day. But the new year has an almost mystical feeling about it, like everything you did last year is forgotten and you have a clean slate to work from, but it’s only when you learn to accept who you are, flaws and all, that you can make real, worthwhile change to your days, to yourself and to your life and the way you live it. And that can be done on any random day of the week.

So, you have your resolutions and your pumped to get started for the new year. You have the new cook book, you’ve bought your MESOA skincare and your routine is written up, and you’ve signed up to that meditation app, plus you have a heap of new activities you want to have a go at. Now is the time to have fun trying out all these new things and watch yourself grow and change into a better person.

You must look at life as glass half full. Keep your positivity up, believe you can grow, learn, and change your life if that’s your goal. Have hope and faith in the good happening all around you. We only have one go at this game we call life, only one roll of the dice, make it work for you... And don’t forget, the glass is refillable.