Gifts For The Brilliantly Bearded Gents

Is your guy a beard guy? Find the perfect gift or stocking filler at MESOA to keep his facial hair in check and in peak condition!

Check out the best online selection of beard products available to help your man look his best.

>Rejuvenating Beard Oil

Help him style his beard to its optimum groomed potential. MESOA Rejuvenating Beard Oil will work hard to stimulate hair growth leaving him with a thicker, longer, and stronger beard that will be admired by all. His beard will be hydrated and moisturised while his skin will be protected and nourished. Guaranteed to leave him smiling.


>Revitalising Moisturiser & Rejuvenating Beard Oil

Our MESOA Revitalising Moisturiser is the perfect addition to his regime after cleansing. This will pump life and energy into his beard, bringing his skin to life and help prevent acne and spots, plus minimise those wrinkles. Our Rejuvenating Beard Oil will help stimulate growth for a thinker, longer and stronger look and get him the beard he’s dreamed of.


>Rejuvenating Beard Oil & Deep Cleansing Exfoliant

Get rid of the dirt and grime from his good-looking face with our Deep Cleansing Exfoliant. For the finishing touch, he can apply our Rejuvenating Beard Oil to strengthen and nourish and leaving the beard in the best conditions and smelling fresh.


>Three And Easy: Beard

Hat trick of wins! This easy-to-apply trio will work wonders on his beard, bringing life back to his skin and his facial hair. Our Deep Cleansing Exfoliant removes the build-up of dirt and grime, our Revitalising Moisturiser wakes up the skin, prevents acne and minimises wrinkles. Plus, MESOA Rejuvenating Beard Oil will nourish and hydrate his beard leaving it and his skin in premium condition.


>Peppermint & Tea Tree Conditioning Beard Oil

This lively duo of essential oils will leave his skin feeling refreshed, stronger, and fuller! The Baobab oil will restore elasticity and shine in his beard, with the tea tree and peppermint offering protection and moisture. His beard hair and skin will have a healthy shine showing off a well-groomed look.


>FourFace: Beard

Time to introduce him to his newest four friends! Soothing and toning is the game of our MESOA Cleansing Face Wash with our Deep Cleansing Exfoliant digging deep to rid his pores of dirt and grime. Our popular Revitalising Moisturiser makes the skin come alive finishing off with our Rejuvenating Beard Oil for a soft, fully conditioned beard he can be proud of.


>Boar Hair Beard Brush

The name is in the title. All eyes on this beard brush, which is made from bamboo with boar hair bristles, and is the perfect complement to every bearded gents’ regime. Is he in the growing stage? Our Boar Hair Beard Brush will stimulate his beard growth whilst taming and detangling his facial hair no matter its current length. The perfect finishing touch to his groomed style.