Gifts For The Man On The Move

Is the guy you know always on the move? Always at work, or the gym, constantly travelling? Making sure he has everything he needs to keep fresh is a must so he can continue with his grooming routine wherever he goes. We all like to wander but we cannot forget about our skincare or haircare schedule when on the move.

At MESOA, we have a heap of products perfect for your guy to ensure he has all he needs. Check out these awesome Christmas gifts.

>The Power Shower

This trio of essential products will leave him feeling more alive than ever! Energising Shower Gel will clean, hydrate, and revitalise his skin while Revive Moisture Shampoo & Deep Moisturiser Conditioner will make his hair breathe vitality!

>Bamboo Toothbrush

Make the switch to an environmentally friendly option for his toothbrush! 100% biodegradable, this toothbrush is an essential addition to his toiletry bag and the perfect planet-friendly replacement to his plastic throwaway! Embossed with the MESOA logo so he knows he’s in good hands.

>Three And Easy: Shave

This easy three-step shave combo will do his skin the justice it deserves! Deep Cleansing Exfoliant will remove all the dirt and grime and clean out the pores. Aloe Vera & Witch Hazel infused Hydrating Shaving Gel will make the razor slide effortlessly across his skin leaving no room for irritation. For the finishing touch, Revitalising Moisturiser will leave his newly smooth face glowing!

>Peppermint & Tea Tree 2-In-1 Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner

Get all the goodness in one bottle! With this power couple, he can cleanse, protect, moisturise, and enhance his hair in one easy step! The essential oils will prevent a dry and itchy scalp, as well as leaving his hair smelling clean and fresh. The shampoo works to clean dirt and grime out of his scalp, while conditioner helps smooth his strands and preserve their shine.

>Matte Texture Hair Clay

There's always time for him to keep his hair in check, and it couldn't be easier to achieve than with our Matte Texture Hair Clay. Our carefully selected ingredients ensure a stylish shape whilst toning and clarifying his scalp. In addition, sandalwood oil soothes and ensures the hair and scalp are both nourished.