Hair Basics: Wash & Style

Building a hair care routine is just like starting a skincare one. Once you’ve found a method that works for you, you’ll never look back. Amid the chaos of life, our hair is something we are in control of. Changes are good and swapping up your hair products to ones that benefit you and your style is a good move!

But it’s finding that routine that can get us stuck, especially when there’s so many product options out there that apparently all do the best job. Everyone’s hair type and style are different. Fine, thick, coarse, straight, wavy curly. But the love you show your hair should always be the same.

It’s so important to treat your hair as you would your skin, with the close attention it deserves. At MESOA, our range of hair care products are suitable for all hair types, so that’s the first piece of the puzzle sorted, the next is which MESOA premium products to go for!

Check out our range of hair wash and styling options below:

>Revive Moisture Shampoo & Deep Moisture Conditioner
Our Revive Moisture Shampoo and Deep Moisture Conditioner combo will work perfectly on your hair and your scalp. This premium duo in action will banish any dirt and grime build up leaving your hair feeling natural, fresh, hydrated and oh smelling good!


>Matte Texture Hair Clay
No matter your hair type, our Matte Texture Hair Clay will give you that full on natural look and matte hold which we all crave. Your scalp will be well looked after, and you can run your hands through your hair all day without it getting flaky! If you’re after a natural, long-lasting style, this one is for you! Experiment today!


Or shop the perfect routine all in one with The MESOA Headset Routine


>Peppermint & Tea Tree 2-In-1 Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner
Get all the goodness in one go with this power couple! Cleanse, protect and moisturise with our Peppermint & Tea Tree 2-in-1 Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner in one easy step! The essential oils will prevent a dry and itchy scalp, and your hair will be left smelling clean and feeling fresh. Beat dirt and grime with the shampoo and let the conditioner smooth every strand and preserve the shine.

>Peppermint & Tea Tree Texturising Hair Clay
This non-greasy hair clay is perfect for adding moisture and volume to your hair, plus it will strengthen your hair follicles and repair any damage. Our Peppermint & Tea Tree Hair Clay will eliminate scalp irritation, leave you feeling and looking fresh. Give yourself the perfect style for the modern guy.


Creating a routine and staying consistent is the difference between your hair looking well-groomed and looking messy and taking care of your hair is the perfect healthy habit to adopt.

Your hairs health reflects your lifestyle. Be sure to eat well, exercise, drink plenty of water, get good sleep and try to stay positive. Your hair is what gets noticed first… invest in MESOA and get those heads turning your way.

You may not feel confident asking the guy in the shop how to use a product so check out our collection of MESOA How To Videos which will help you get your basic skincare and grooming regime on point. Check out 'How To Care For Your Hair In Three Simple Steps:'