How To Avoid Common Grooming Mistakes

We’re all pretty adapted to our routine, we’ve been doing it for a while, we know the game plan…. Or do we? You shower, shave, wash your face, gel your hair, and you’re done, but is there a trick you’re missing in the aim to be the fully groomed modern man?

Grooming is very much trial and error to a certain extent, finding what works for you means trying different products on your skin, hair and beard and seeing which give you the best results. Life is about learning, always. Taking inspiration from those around you, seeing how others do it and using it to better yourself is the way forward in this game we call life.

Maybe you only make an effort when you have an occasion, you’re out for the night, or there’s a hot date on the cards. Perhaps you have a morning routine, and then you’re done for the day. However, you practice self-care, there is always room for improvement, and we’re here to give you a hand in getting it right.

Read our tips on how not to make grooming mistakes.

#1: Don’t miss out

We all know washing our faces is the most important thing. Cleaning out the pores from all the bacteria build-up and grime is the only way to avoid acne and spots. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, that’s where face love ends, which is asking for trouble. No matter your skin type, even if it’s oily, every man’s daily grooming ritual should include moisturising. Our Peppermint & Tea Tree Nourishing Moisturiser will fight against skin damage, plus its antiseptic and antibacterial properties will cool the skin, soothe irritation leaving you with a soft and smooth finish resistant to wrinkling. Use twice a day for best results!

#2: Running wild

Beards are very much in for 2021, but only if they are looked after and cared for, no one likes a wild one! Paying attention to your facial hair is a must if you’re going for the groomed look. Using scissors or an electric trimmer to keep the length in check is key, plus using the right products will get you that well-kept finish, which people will notice. MESOA Peppermint & Tea Tree Conditioning Beard Oil is refreshing and will help with growth and strength for a stronger, fuller beard. You’ll get elasticity, moisture and shine and finishing the job with our Boar Hair Beard Brush will give you a healthy-looking well-groomed beard to be proud of. If you’re more of a five o’clock shadow guy, they look great when done correctly, but they need a bit more attention. If this is your chosen look, be sure to try out our Revitalising Moisturiser, which works to hydrate both the skin and stubble, easily absorbing to keep your skin revitalised all day long.

#3: No such thing

Dry shaving are two words you should never use, it’s not a thing. No matter if you’re in a rush, shaving onto cold, dry skin will 100% leave you worse off in the long run, ruining those good looks. No one wants razor burn and irritation, and using the MESOA Hydrating Shaving Gel from our signature range, complete with aloe vera to minimise friction, plus soothe and protect the skin and prep it perfectly for a clean shave. Plus, be sure to use a razor that’s not blunt, it won’t do you any favours.

#4 Lights out

If you want to have clear, good-looking skin, regardless of your skin type or age, you must add a nighttime skin fix to your routine. Scrubbing your skin with our Deep Cleansing Exfoliant at the end of the day after your skin has soaked up the day’s bacteria will help you experience smoother than smooth skin. It will put up a fight against blackheads and acne whilst cleansing to nourish and invigorate the skin. You’ll wake up with a refreshed face every time!

#5 Just stop

Too much of anything is bad for you, and the same goes for skincare. If you are using a lot of products on your skin and see you see a change in its texture, or it gets tight, the chances are it doesn’t suit your skin type, so it’s time to swap them out for kinder ones. There are lots of products out there that contain only certain elements for certain skin types, but the MESOA skincare range caters for all. We have included unique premium quality essential oils and our exfoliating ingredients in our products which will protect your skin and your looks every time. It’s not about magic potions, but using the MESOA range of skincare products, drinking more water, exercising regularly, and getting the recommended amount of sleep is all you need to help better improve your complexion, your looks, and your mental health.

A no-fuss skincare routine is simple, something you can incorporate into your daily and nightly routine with ease, and we have all the products you need to be the well-groomed man
that awaits you.

>Our Peppermint & Tea Tree Nourishing Moisturiser

Anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties are included in this cooling and soothing moisturiser. A powerful combination of oils and ingredients will purify the skin, relieving discomfort and combating acne.

>Peppermint & Tea Tree Conditioning Beard Oil

This refreshing beard oil stimulates growth and restores elasticity and shine to your facial hair leaving you with a healthy-looking, well-groomed beard which will get you noticed.

>Boar Hair Beard Brush

The name is in the title. All eyes on this Beard Brush, which is made from bamboo with boar hair bristles and is the perfect complement to every bearded gent’s regime. In the growing stage? Our Boar Hair Beard Brush will stimulate growth whilst taming and detangling your facial hair no matter its current length.

>Revitalising Moisturiser

One of a kind. Our Revitalising Moisturiser will bring you an energised, fresh, and healthy complexion plus will minimise wrinkles, repair dry skin, nourish and invigorate! Ticking all the

>Hydrating Shaving Gel

The added aloe vera in our signature range Hydrating Shaving Gel will leave your skin smooth after a clean shave and will protect against any irritation or razor burn. Looking good!

>Deep Cleansing Exfoliant

Use this exfoliant to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin, getting rid of dead skin cells and dryness to reveal a fresh, healthy face! Containing premium quality essential oils and our unique exfoliating ingredient, our Deep Cleansing Exfoliant will nourish and invigorate without damaging your skin. Also perfect for prepping your skin ready for a shave.

Find the perfect skincare products that work for you at MESOA, and the rest comes easy.