International Day of Happiness – Find Yours

March 20th is the UN International Day of Happiness. With our world facing unprecedented challenges, wellbeing matters now more than ever.

There are many crisis situations currently happening around the world, including Ukraine. Today, on the International Day of Happiness, we are reminded that our actions matter and that each of us can help build a more compassionate world wherever we are.

International Day of Happiness aims to celebrate happiness worldwide, inspiring people to spread positivity and smiles. Happiness on a personal level will make your days better and add significant value to your life.

People spend their lives in pursuit of happiness. Getting rich, buying that dream home, getting that six-pack, and doing everything society and the media tell them they should do to become happier. But how does that affect us mentally if we’re always thinking we’re not good enough to be happy?

Of course, the state of our mental health will influence many areas of our lives and will 100% impact our happiness. So how, without relying on money, do we become happier? Here are a few ways that will help with that.

>Feel grateful.
One of the signs of unhappiness is a lack of contentment. You can see what the people around you are doing, what they have, and it can make you feel inferior and hit your confidence hard. Everyone’s situations are different, so you should never compare yourself with others. No matter what is going on in your life, you must be grateful for the small things. You have a roof over your head and food in your fridge. You have people you can talk to and family that love you. You’re breathing, and you’re alive. You should take time to look at what you do have in your life versus what you feel you’re missing out on. You need to adopt a grateful mindset and see the positivity in any situation. 100% your outlook on life will change.

>Be mindful.
The world is a crazy place, and there is always something going on. Things are constantly changing, maybe for better and for worse. Our minds absorb this chaos, it’s what it does. It creates thoughts, anxiety, anguish, and all that ill-feeling we experience. But you can remove yourself from this by learning to quiet the mind. Becoming mindful and practising meditation and deep breathing are often excellent ways of helping you to decompress, become tranquil, and find a clearer path to improving your wellbeing. With a peaceful mind comes a peaceful life, and with that comes happiness.

>Get active and start a routine.
We all know being active helps with our physique, but it is crucial for our mental health. When we get our body moving, whether that’s walking, the gym, cycling or some other form of exercise, our body release endorphins, which is why exercise is known as a ‘natural’ treatment for mental issues such as depression and anxiety. The great thing about exercise is that the more you do it, the better you’ll look and feel, which will boost your mood and smile on your face. Getting a routine going will also help. Wake early, get moving, jump in the shower to refresh, do your MESOA skincare routine, and your body and mind will be in the best shape to take on the day’s challenges head-on. If you’re inactive and don’t have a routine yet, start today and build.

International Day of Happiness is celebrated and hosted by various organizations, including the United Nations. Through their social media page, people can share inspirational stories about what makes them happy, how their happiness can help inspire those around them and how it can help pave the way towards a better future.

Today on the International Day of Happiness we are reminded that our actions matter and that each of us can help build a more compassionate world, wherever we are.

- Share positive messages

- Connect with people

- Give directly

Head over to: to learn more, join the community and donate to support Ukraine. 

Why don’t you share a positive message today? Show kindness, connect with people you know need support, and help others where you can.

When John Lennon was 5 years old, a teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, to which he replied ‘happy’. They told him he didn’t understand the assignment, he told them they didn’t understand life.

As the saying goes, happiness is a journey, not a destination. It’s in all the little things around you, find it and be your own reason for happiness.