International Friendship Day - Benefits Of A Bromance

Bromance. Defined as a healthy, secure friendship between two guys.

When times are tough, and we’re going through stuff, we all need someone to confide in, to talk to, and a problem shared with wise friends who are there to listen really can be a problem halved.

Many men don’t have that one crucial friendship, unlike the ladies. So why is that? One reason is that talking about your feelings is historically ‘girly.’ Guys think that men don’t need a group of friends in their lives to help them when they’re struggling. Men are tough, and they can sort stuff out on their own. So if you’re this guy, and these are your thoughts, think again.

As a man, having a good friend or group of friends will improve your life in almost every area. For starters, you will have that sense of belonging, which will prevent the feeling of loneliness and isolation, which can hurt the most. Getting out there and making an effort to build friendships will be so worth it.

Saturday 30th July is International Friendship Day; check out five ways a man crush can improve your life.

>Stress buster
Lowering stress levels is made easy when you have the companionship of a best bud. Being around friends during a time of stress will decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Friends make you smile, laugh, and feel safe; having a close-knit group will boost your mental wellbeing.

>Be yourself
In 2022, it’s okay for men to be vulnerable and open up about their feelings and mental health. We’ve finally got to the place where society allows this without judgement. Thankfully, what it means to be a man has considerably changed for the better, now being allowed to be different, think differently, and not follow stereotypical rules. A broader definition of masculinity has led to better mental health, but there’s still a long way to go. First, you must be with your friends who uplift you, help you feel good, and have your best interests at heart. Then, the arena is yours to be yourself.

>Get Healthier
Many of us exercise alone, which can be really good at times, but it can also be hard to find the motivation. Doing it with company means you have someone to share the experience with, someone to challenge you, someone to compete with. So buddy up at the gym, or better still, go
for a walk or a run in the fresh air, which will help the mindset, as will the company. Also, why not start eating healthier together and create your MESOA skincare regime! Try out the same products, stick to the daily routine and see who’s looks will improve first!

>Someone who understands you (other than your partner)
A guy in a bromance tends to be secure with himself and is in touch with his emotions. He’s confident knowing he has support there if he needs it and is not scared to open up. Our partners are always there for us, will give us all the attention and listen when we talk, but having male friends to lend an ear is different.

A bromance can offer a fresh side to every story, you can talk about things related to your partner without conflict and lots of the time, your mate may be feeling the same pressures too. Male friends will get it, they’ll get the hidden emotions and the reasons you may try to hide them, and they’ll get the pressure of a troubled mindset. They are there for you as you are for them. Be stronger together.

>Brain power boost
Having a strong social circle as you age as more important than ever. Research shows that having a close bond with your friends can help keep you looking young, keep your mind in working order, avoid cognitive decline, and ultimately help you live longer. Plan!

If you’re considering opening up and widening your circle, you should make the time now and just do it. Look at it as you would anything else in your life, saving money, working for a promotion, getting fit. Put the effort in and reap the rewards. Your friendships will help you to maintain a healthy life balance.

And remember, you don’t need hundreds of friends; even one or two good ones can make a massive difference to your life. Treasure those few, make time for them and make them a priority.