It's Okay Not To Be Okay - By Liam Padmore for BroBox By Brotectors

BroBox is a project created by Brotectors.

It comprises sessions of a boxing class mixed with small group chats about how the men can support each other and how Brotectors can help #breakthestigma.

Each participant has generously shared their own stories and why they've gotten involved in BroBox in the form of blog posts. This weeks blog post has come from Liam Padmore.

I struggled with mental health for a while before I met Aaron and the team at Brotectors. I didn’t feel like it was normal for me to be feeling this way as a young man in today’s society.

Aaron and the guys have taught me that it’s okay not to be okay, and people aren’t going to look down on you if you reach out for help from them.

I feel much more confident within myself, and I can now talk to people about how I feel and not be ashamed of it. I have learnt that the stigma around young adults mental health shouldn’t be there, and it can affect anyone.

The BroBox scheme has helped me improve my confidence massively with interacting within groups and getting back out there after a battle with mental health. I have met some amazing guys through this programme, and we’ve had some good laughs along the way.

Big thank you to the coaches at Llanrumney Pheonix Boxing Club for putting on the sessions and showing us that boxing is a good way to release any built-up emotion and anger.

I can’t thank the guys enough at Brotectors for showing me what ‘normal’ really is and helping to break down stigmas associated with mental health.