Look Good, Feel Great

It’s an age-old expression but a true one. When you look good, you feel good. So putting effort into our appearance and how we present ourselves can help us have a more positive outlook on life and make us feel better about ourselves too. Confidence is a skill that can be developed like any other skill through practice, and we all tend to lack it at some point in our lives, but feeling good with a bit of power in our step can help combat that inferior sensation.

People struggle with self-esteem, it’s a psychological issue. We naturally get bigger in our bodies and mind when we feel prideful and confident but get smaller in our bodies when we feel tense or uncomfortable. Not feeling good enough, not trusting our own abilities, not registering our self-worth are all issues we face, and all these things can be a huge hurdle to overcome in anyone’s life. Taking pride in yourself and the way you look, dress, and smell will boost your self-esteem and help you overcome these difficulties… especially when those heads start turning.

Self-esteem is linked to so many characteristics that make up your personality. Your emotions thought processes, values, goals, relationships, and body language can damage the potential of the person you could be.

Social interactions are a big yes when feeling good about yourself and are a very important element of a healthy life. Connecting with people on a regular basis, be that at work the gym or the pub, will do wonders for your mind, which will release hormones and give you a natural lift. Lots of mental health issues come from loneliness and isolation, so socialise often and boost that positivity. Reap the benefits.

Feeling better about your appearance and style is often the first step to feeling better on the inside. Does your skin need some love? Maybe try a new hairstyle? A few new clothes to suit? Being unhappy with how you look will 100% affect how you feel, so altering your appearance and giving yourself a new look is a simple yet significant change that can be the beginning of something new.

Looking after your skin, taking care of your hair and maybe beard, hitting the gym a few times a week, and replacing old clothes with new ones can all be the start of the turning point in your life that will uplift your confidence and your self-respect. Standing tall, shoulders back, chest out. When you look in the mirror and look good, you know that others will think the same, and that’s when high self-esteem comes into play.

We all seek that inner happiness, and the pursuit of feel-good consciousness and looking good will impact helping you find that sweet spot. Making new habits, starting a new chapter where self-love is played out, and taking care of yourself and your looks are the first steps to creating a drastic but positive change in your life, with you smiling on the inside and out.

Start your new look transformation today and set yourself up with a new skincare regime.

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Say hello to a new you.