Make Yourself Available - International Men's Health Week

The world has been a crazy place the last couple of years, and everyone was forced to adapt to a new 'norm' whilst feeling a great amount of fear, confusion or anxiety brought by deep future insecurities.

The World Health Organisation estimates that anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues significantly rose by 25% over the last two years. The pandemic presented new challenges for all of us, and with constant uncertainty and restrictions placed upon us, our wellbeing got affected.

On the 13th - 19th of June, the world celebrates International Men's Health Week, which focuses not just on physical health but also men's mental health and emotional wellbeing. This is a time for us all to bring awareness to health issues that specifically affect men and focus on becoming aware of any constraints and problems, as well as gaining the courage to talk and do something about it.

Seeing someone you care about experience a mental health condition or struggle with daily life can be hard. Sometimes, just being there for them can make a huge difference in their battle against the odds. Knowing that they have someone to talk to, who will listen without judgement, can massively ease the burden for someone who is not coping with the challenges of life.

Mental health problems can be tough and complex. We each respond to situations differently, and the symptoms will vary from one person to the next. But just like any physical illness, mental illness will also benefit from treatment and support. Having that one person or group of people to lean on while working through this experience will 100% reduce stress levels and help on the road to recovery.

Reach out to your guy this week and offer your ear and your company, help them work through their issues and support them on their journey. If you're the one in need, connect with your people and talk it through, face-to-face.

At MESOA, we will use this week as an important opportunity to highlight the importance of men's health and to promote and support the health and wellbeing of our men and our boys. Whether it is your friend, brother, son, dad, boyfriend, husband, or boss, talk to your fella this week, let them know you are there for them… as we are for you.