Making A Difference This Movember

Did you know men are dying on average 4.5 years earlier than women, and for largely preventable reasons?

Movember are the leading charity changing the face of men's health. They work to raise awareness for mental health and suicide, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer in men and bring attention to a topic they feel isn't discussed enough. 

It's an integral part of what we do at MESOA in supporting and raising awareness for men's mental health. We exist to make every man feel comfortable in his own skin, offer advice on the best skincare products for his skin type and condition, and normalise conversations around male grooming, cosmetics, and mental health. So, we absolutely love what the Movember Movement is all about. 

Every year, in November, people take part in Movember worldwide. It's an annual event involving the growing of moustaches, plus other activities. Throughout the month, participants raise awareness and fundraise for men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide. 

Globally, approximately 10.8 million men are living with a prostate cancer diagnosis with testicular cancer being the most common cancer in young men. Every minute of every day, one man dies by suicide around the world, with men accounting for 69% of suicides. These are startling statistics that Movember want to tackle and by collaborating with experts worldwide, they want to transform how men in need are treated and supported. 

They (Movember) take the money raised and put it into ground breaking health projects - 1,250 projects so far which have already had a huge impact. But, they are hell-bent on making it even bigger, and are encouraging as many new participants as possible to make their mark on a monumental scale. 

They report on every initiative so participants and supporters can see the impact of their donations. All their 1,250 men's health projects are driven by one goal: to help men live healthier, longer lives. The charity's transparent and accountable actions and reporting allow 'Mo Bros and Mo Sisters' to see how their support is changing the lives of men all over the world.

They need strong partnerships at all government, research and civil society levels to achieve their global goals. A global network allows Movember to share research and results across borders, extending their reach and accelerating progress.

They use their funding to impact men's health both locally and globally and invest in country- and culture-specific health projects while collaborating on game-changing solutions that address the men's health crisis on a global scale. By making the most of research findings, they can implement new ideas, share information, and encourage other organisations to do the same.

Overview Of How They Plan To Make The Change:

  • Give men the facts
  • Change behaviour for the better
  • Create services that work for men
  • Unite the brightest minds
  • Listen to the community and advocate for men.

Travis Garone and Luke Slattery started Movember over a quiet beer in Australia in 2003. The Movement came from humble beginnings and has grown into a truly global one. Initially, they found 30 men willing to participate in the Movember challenge. Their progress has been incredible, now with over 6 million Mo Bros and Mo Sisters worldwide, which they state:

"Their enthusiasm fuels our fire. Their support changes lives. For them, we're committed to keeping things fun, fresh and inspiring. They are the rock stars – we are the roadies." 

Global community strength is one of the key reasons for Movember's success. Regardless of the city they live, participants are part of something bigger, united by a commitment to help change the face of men's health.

As part of its efforts to reduce the number of men suffering from prostate cancer whose cancer progresses to advanced stages, Movember announces a major collaboration with Prostate Cancer UK to bring researchers from all over the world together. This ambitious program is the first to be launched by Movember's Global Cancer Real World Evidence Network, a group of hospitals and research institutions from 19 countries working together to improve survival rates and quality of life for men living with prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

If you love what they do, just like we do, here are some ways to get involved:


Whether your Mo is patchy, lopsided, itchy or epic, it will raise funds and awareness for men's health.


Over the month, run or walk 60km to commemorate the 60 men who die by suicide every hour all over the world.


Bring your crew together for something fun and easy to do, virtual or in person. Hosting is all about having a good time for a good cause.


Whether it's a gruelling test of physical endurance or some other wildcard idea, whether it's a day, over several weeks or across the year – take whatever Mo Your Own Way means to you and run with it.

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