New Year, New Routine.

We’re here, the new year! 

The new year is a time to collect all your thoughts from the previous year and work on future plans and goals, and get stuck into making them a reality!

A must for any time of the year is working out your skincare routine, a routine that will stand by your side, protect you, and support you every day of the year. Something you can always rely on to make you feel good.

Finding a skincare routine that works for you can sound tricky. Luckily, all MESOA products are suitable for all skin types, so that’s one thing sorted. But if you want extra guidance on understanding your skin type, check out our guide here. 

As for which to use, check out an example of a grooming plan below which will fit into any modern man’s regime.

>The Daily Trio: Shave
A comfortable shave shouldn’t be alien to any man. The carefully selected antiseptic properties in our Cleansing Face Wash work to prevent acne, breakouts, and rashes. In addition, our Aloe Vera & Witch Hazel-packed Hydrating Shaving Gel features a rich texture for maximum protection during a shave. Finish with our Revitalising Moisturiser, an all-purpose moisturiser that gently cools and nourishes the skin while soothing dryness with natural properties.

>The Daily Trio: Beard
Everything we know about beards has gone into producing The Daily Trio: Beard Routine. From our Cleansing Face Wash to our Revitalising Moisturiser to bring life and hydration back to your skin. Finally, our Rejuvenating Beard Oil will nourish and smooth facial hairs and help prevent that dreaded beard itch. They work as a team to keep the beard looking healthy and proud.

>The Power Shower
This formidable trio of products is guaranteed to leave you 100% invigorated and ready to take on the world. Our specially formulated Energising Shower Gel will wash away dirt and sweat without stripping away moisture. For your hair, our Revive Moisture Shampoo and Deep Moisture Conditioner will both hydrate and protect the scalp, add moisture, and leave only softness and freshness.

>The Headset
Clean, condition and style – this signature trio ticks all the hair-care boxes. Get rid of dirt and grime with Revive Moisture Shampoo and thoroughly moisturise your scalp and hair. Then, recondition and de-tangle with our Deep Moisture Conditioner for smooth locks and finish off by shaping and reshaping your hair all day long with our natural-look Matte Texture Hair Clay.

>Peppermint & Tea Tree 2-In-1 Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner With Texturising Hair Clay       

Get all the goodness in one bottle with our 2-in-1 Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner. The essential oils will prevent a dry and itchy scalp and leave your hair smelling clean and fresh. The shampoo cleans dirt and grime, while the conditioner helps smooth and preserve their shine. Top everything off with our Texturising Hair Clay, it will provide you with plenty of texture and volume, and its non-greasy properties result in a matte finish that lasts all day.

You can start with a simple routine above, or you can pick and choose which premium products you want to use by shopping our full collection. We got you.