Normalising The Conversation Around Men's Health

We strive to create a safe environment through our community for men to open up about what they're going through, whether mentally or physically, hoping that sharing their stories can help other men and normalise the conversation surrounding male health.

A recent study found that men are less likely to talk about health problems, and more than half would rather avoid sex, shop on the dark web, or break up with their partner than seek help for erectile dysfunction.

Another study has found that due to a reluctance to take time off work, only 37% of men working full time had seen their GP in the past 3 months, compared to 53% of women working full time.

Please don't suffer in silence for both your mental and physical health.

  • Speak to your friends
  • Speak to your family
  • Speak to your partners
  • & of course, speak to your doctor

Your health is so so important.

These are 5 of the top health issues that men rarely talk about.

1. Erectile Dysfunction

"Up to half of men under the age of 50 are suffering from erectile dysfunction." (Kings College London)

2. Gynecomastia, commonly known as 'Man Boobs'

"Breast growth in men is surprisingly common and affects 40 and 50 percent of men at some point in their lives." (Medical News Today)

3. Hyperhidrosis, e.g., excess sweating

"New research shows that nearly 5% of the world's population suffers from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis." (

4. Depression 

"In England, around one in eight men has a common mental health problem such as depression, anxiety, panic disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)" (

An EHRC report suggests that men are right to be worried about their employers knowing about their mental health issues, as men with mental health problems can earn 42% less.

5. High Blood Pressure

"In England, 31% of men have high blood pressure." (Blood Pressure UK) 

There's no need to feel embarrassed about any of these health issues, they're normal, and we shouldn't be hiding away and not discussing them.

We must look after our health, and having open conversations is a great start to looking after ourselves.