Prepping For A Night Out

So, you know where you’re going, who with and what you’re wearing… but are your looks ready for a big night out?

Of course, you want to be the best dressed, best-groomed guy at the party, showing off your looks and style and making those heads turn, but you need to make sure your game is strong and a little bit of planning can go a long way!

Check out some areas of concentration below that will ensure you look your best for your night out on the town.

>Face It:
You should have your MESOA skincare routine taken care of by now, so prepping your skin before the big night out should already be part of the plan. Be sure to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise twice a day leading up to the event to remove dead cells and expose fresh ones. You already have friends you’re heading out with, and you don’t want any more appearing on your face, so banish those pimples and acne and don’t let them spoil your night! You’ll automatically look healthier just by doing these three simple steps twice a day in the lead-up.

>Smell Good:
Good hygiene needs to be a constant thing, not just for a night out and at MESOA, we have the best energising and smelling shower gels for you! Keeping your body nourished, smooth, hydrated and leaving you feeling refreshed, energised, and smelling amazing. Choose from our Energising Shower Gel or our award-winning Peppermint & Tea Tree Invigorating Shower Gel, each boasting the best essential oils that your skin needs.

>Hair Care:
MESOA Peppermint & Tea Tree 2-In-1 Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner is the perfect complement to your shower time. All the goodness our hair needs in one bottle! Cleanse, moisturise, and protect your hair in one simple step! The essential oils in the shampoo will prevent a dry and itchy scalp, whilst the conditioner will smooth every strand and make your locks shine!

>Shave Away
If you’re a clean-shaven guy, a close, clean shave is the best move for a night out. Use our MESOA Hydrating Shaving Gel to help glide the razor and get a smooth finish to your skin. Protect and repair the skin and look sharp!

>Beard Guy
If you’re a beard guy, yours in check for your night out is essential, and we again recommend giving it some love a few days in advance to make sure there’s no build-up of grime or dead skin cells lurking around. You want to enhance its shine, fight the irritation and itch, and get it gleaming! Using our Rejuvenating Beard Oil will make your facial hair soft to the touch, and our Boar Hair Beard Brush will spread the oils evenly whilst taming your beard. The ideal combo for grooming, shaping, and styling beards of all lengths.

>Style Yourself
First impressions are a thing, and your hairstyle will speak volumes! Talking of volume, using our Matte Texture Hair Clay will give you just that! A natural, matt hold with a textured and voluminous look. As a result, your scalp won’t be itchy, your hair won’t be flaky, and you can run your hands (or someone else can run theirs) through it all night long.

>Extra Work
So, your face, body, hair, and beard have had all the attention in preparation for your big night, but don’t forget the little things either. Be sure to wash your hands and clean your nails, no one likes to see them dirty. Give those shoes a polish too! And, of course, the all-important scent. We all have that one aftershave that reminds us of that holiday, that girl, that guy… make this night out one to remember.

>The Next Morning
Always best to plan for the hangover if you know one is coming. Drink plenty of water before you go to bed and again in the morning. Repeat the face, shower, and hair and beard steps above to rejuvenate and re-energise your body, skin, and hair. A little bit of attention will make you feel so much better.

>Does and Don’ts
Just one of each. Do carry ID, you’re new, groomed, modern man look may well take years off you and you may need to prove you’re older enough to be out. Don’t use an Instagram filter! You’re looking good, you’re feeling good… let that natural confidence shine through on every photograph. You have lots of reasons to smile. Have fun!