Skincare Hacks All Men Should Know About

Adopting a good skincare routine is, of course, the best way to stay on top of your skincare game. However, here are some extra tips and tricks to help your skin look extra fresh! 

1. Tired eyes? 

Place cooled green tea bags over your eyes to target puffiness. The bags contain caffeine and antioxidants which will calm and soothe the area, whilst also working to reduce redness and puffiness . 

2. You have to steam to gleam 

Shave in the shower or right after you step out.  The steam from the shower opens your pores and softens your hair, prepping your skin for an extra close shave. This is particularly important for those with sensitive skin.  

3. Lip balm for shaving nicks anyone?  

Next time you nick yourself shaving, smear some lip balm over the wound. Its waxy texture helps to create a seal and allows a clot to form, helping it to heal quickly.  

4.  Good skin starts from within 

Start your day by drinking a cup of water with lemon. It will help your digestion, flush out toxins and clear your skin – winning! 

5. De-stink your gym bag with hand soap 

Gym bags are supposed to carry the scent of blood, sweat and tears - but by popping a bar of soap inside, you'll prevent the smell from wafting out every time you unzip. Simply slot the soap in a porous bag (think netting, hessian or natural cotton) and then leave it in the main compartment to work its magic. 

6. Keep your pillowcases clean 

Regularly washing your pillowcases can significantly reduce the risk of skin breakouts. This is because pillowcases can cling onto the dirt, oil and bacteria that our faces and hair have picked up during the day, and transfer them back on to your face as you sleep. Washing them once a week should do the trick.  

7. Wash those hands! 

We’re all well-versed in washing and sanitising our hands these days, but make an extra effort to ensure they’re clean before you touch your face. This can help prevent the transfer of breakout-triggering bacteria that you may have picked up during the day off anything from door knobs to shopping trollies to your keyboard.   

8. Ice, ice, baby! 

Next time you wake up with an angry breakout, head straight to the freezer. Holding an ice cube on an inflamed spot can reduce redness and help the blemish heal more quickly.  

Hope you learnt something new!