Suit The Skin You’re In - Stereotype Conversations

In a recent community blog, we talked about stereotypes and how society says all men should be cool, tough, strong, and muscular. That’s not our belief. At MESOA, we’re about men. All men. Colour, creed, size, shape, even volume of hair.

Stereotypes are a bit like air: invisible but always present. Psychologists talk about a“stereotype threat”, referring to a fear of doing something that others wouldn’t agree with, where we’d get negative perceptions from our group of people, exactly why a lot of men don’t talk about their grooming regime. But we can’t let the pressures of everyone around us affect our decisions when it comes to our health and our wellbeing.

We believe men are men, no matter what attributes make up their physical appearance. Beard, clean-shaven, long hair, bald, it really makes no difference. All men have skin which needs to be looked after, body and face, and we at MESOA have made it our challenge to change the face of the stereotypical.

Men’s skincare started quite simply when it launched, but with the industry booming in recent years, it’s great to see that more men all over the world are now pursuing healthy, younger-looking skin. But, contradictory to what we say above about all men being the same, there is one big difference between them… their skin type.

In order to get your skin looking good and working for you, you need to understand it and learn its issues so you can fix them. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information out there about men’s beauty and the differences in men’s skin. This is why we at MESOA want to help educate you on those contrasts so you can understand your skin type before you shop for your skincare products.

Knowing will help you learn how to look after your skin and teach you about the different product labels and ingredients that you must stay clear of. Knowing this information means you know what works for you to create your perfect daily skincare routine. Read more here about the perfect skin products you need in your wash bag, which will work for you no matter your skin type.

The award-winning range of MESOA Skincare products are developed for all skin types, leaving no man standing. We make it our mission to create products that suit any man, make any man feel comfortable, and give him the confidence and self-esteem he needs to help him grow as a person and look and feel his best, no matter what his style.

We don’t do stereotypes, and our MESOA Community is a safe, non-judgemental online community where men can learn and talk openly about anything and feel completely comfortable doing so. No judgement here.

Join in.