An Active Approach To Looking After Mental Health - by Addison Ball for BroBox by Brotectors

BroBox is a project created by Brotectors.

It comprises sessions of a boxing class mixed with small group chats about how the men can support each other and how Brotectors can help #breakthestigma.

Each participant has generously shared their own stories and why they've gotten involved in BroBox in the form of blog posts. So carry on reading to hear from our first participant, Addison Ball.


Before lockdown, I would have said I knew about mental health purely because some of my family had suffered and had different approaches to dealing with it - ranging from denial to seeking professional help and medication.

I wouldn't have thought that my racing mind and need to keep busy wasn't just down to my ADHD.

I now know, keeping busy was a survival mechanism not to relive previous traumas. 

I've taken an active approach to looking after my mental health through talking, exercising, and surrounding myself with like-minded people. This is what lead me to Brotectors and a great opportunity for Brobox.

At first, I was worried about joining, but I have met some great boys and love my training at Llanrumney Phoenix ABC. The coaches have been awesome and accommodating.

I want to also say a massive thank you to MESOA For Men and the National Lottery Fund for making this possible.

Boxing, for me, is the perfect mix of physical and mental exercise, it releases endorphins and is a safe place to get things off your mind. Despite my initial reservations around using aggression, I have learned that it is so much more than that and is an art form.

We might not be the best boxers after just 6 weeks, but I can say that every lad who has joined the process are strong for showing up and giving their best, and I am better for meeting them.