Talking Openly And Building Confidence - by Jamie Bennett for BroBox by Brotectors

BroBox is a project created by Brotectors.

The project comprises sessions of a boxing class mixed with small group chats about how the men can support each other and how Brotectors can help #breakthestigma.

Each participant has generously shared their own stories and why they've gotten involved in BroBox in the form of blog posts. This weeks blog post has come from Jamie Bennett.

I never fully understood mental health and how many people it affects. I assumed we have days where we feel good and some days that are not so good, but over the past 18 months, there have been some significant changes in my personal life which left me feeling anxious and low for longer periods of time.

Speaking out about how I was feeling never crossed my mind until I was introduced to Brotectors through a friend.

At first, I felt some nerves when joining Brobox as I was not sure what to expect and who I would meet, however after some introductions with Aaron, Matt and the lads, I felt comfortable right away. It felt great that we could all talk openly in a safe environment without judgment and participate in a boxing session as I love to exercise. It keeps me focused, and Boxing was not something I had really been interested in until now.

The team at Llanrhymney Boxing Club have a great facility, and the coaches taught me some valuable skills which I am thankful for, even if I couldn’t skip at first.

It also made me realise that mental health is more common than I first thought, and not enough support is available to men. I am thankful to have been able to participate with Brobox. Networking with the lads has made me more confident about speaking out about my experience with mental health. I feel like I have made some friends for life.