The Importance of Using a Great Shaving Gel

Whether you're an everyday or an every-now-and-again kind of shaver, protecting your skin when you shave is crucial for preventing razor burn and maintaining a smooth complexion.

The simplest way to do this is to use a good quality shaving gel. Here's why:

Shaving gel helps to keep moisture in the beard hairs during a shave, leaving them softer and easier to cut. When less force is needed to cut each follicle, your shave will be more comfortable.

When shaving gel is applied to the skin, it creates a barrier between the skin and the razor, so the razor can glide smoothly over the hair, minimising the chance of irritation, redness and nicks.

A dedicated shaving gel is kinder to the skin than a traditional soap which can dry out the skin, particularly if you already suffer from dry or flaky skin.

Shaving gel is often clear or translucent in colour. As a result, you can always see what you are doing clearly and the exact area you are shaving, particularly helpful when you're trying to trim or neaten up your beard.

Here are some of our tips for a smooth shave every time.
1. Never dry shave as this increases the risk of cuts and irritation.
2. Exfoliate before shaving as it will keep the razor from getting overloaded with dead skin cells, dirt and grime. It also lifts any hair lying flat, so you can make sure you get a smooth cut.
3. Ditch the soap.
4. Pay attention to the direction of hair growth for a closer shave and more effective hair removal. For example, shaving against the way the hair grows gives you the smoothest shave.
5. After shaving, rinse thoroughly with warm water to open your pores and remove all traces of shaving gel, then rinse with cold water to close the pores and lock them in.
6. After drying, apply a hydrating moisturiser to prevent flakiness and drying.

So how can we help?

We've got two shaving gels to treat and look after your skin as you shave.

Our Hydrating Shaving Gel guarantees a closer than close shave. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and Argan Extract, it effectively nourishes, protects and repairs your skin for a comfortable, burn and irritation-free shave.

Our Peppermint and Tea Tree Calming Shaving Gel does all of the above, plus even more -razor burns and ingrown hairs will be kept at bay thanks to the Tea Tree Oil, whilst the Peppermint Oil works to balance oily and acne-prone skin.