The Power of MESOA For Men Ingredients

Here at MESOA For Men, we've taken the time and consideration to carefully select only the finest natural ingredients to go into our products.

Ingredients that your skin actually needs and appreciates.

Your skin is with you for life, it needs to be protected; so we never use any harsh chemicals in our products.

Your skin faces challenges every day, from shedding skin cells to the build-up of micropollutants that clog your pores.  By maintaining a great skincare routine, you can fight these challenges, to keep you skin in its best condition. We all have different skin and can run into different skin obstacles such as acne, irritation, redness, blackheads and dryness. To combat these issues, finding a perfect skincare routine that works for you is crucial to combating skin problems.

We feel the skincare market has been overcrowded with products containing harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin.  So, when we came to formulating MESOA For Men products we thought long and hard about what ingredients we wanted to use. We compiled in depth research into what a man’s skin needs and the best ingredients to help keep a mans skin looking its absolute best. You might not have known, but male skin tends to be oilier than female skin, making men more prone to large pores and blemishes. Men are also often more affected by sagging skin, mainly around the eye area, which leads to puffy eyes and dark circles.

If you’ve scrolled through our website, you might have noticed some recurring ingredients that we love the benefits of. You can see these ingredients listed on our products and on our website, but you might not know what they do and how they can benefit you.

So that’s what this blog post will help you with. It’s a full breakdown of our key ingredients so you know exactly why we’ve included them in our products and how they’ll work well for your skin.

We’re always here to lend a helping hand when you need some skincare assistance, because we know if you’re not clued on what ingredients do it can be hard to know why it might be beneficial for you.


Why We Love Natural Ingredients

It’s important to us to use naturally derived ingredients in our products to best treat skin with the nourishment it deserves. Natural ingredients are less likely so irritate your skin and by using them you are avoiding the possibility of harsh chemicals damaging the skin, which can lead to redness, dryness and sore skin.  Natural ingredients such as mandarin essential oil, and tea-tree oil, are wonderful healers for the skin, helping to soothe and nourish. Natural ingredients tend to be lot gentler and kinder to your skin. (Enjoy the fantastic benefits of tea tree oil in our Peppermint & Tea Tree Range)


The Benefits of MESOA For Men’s Ingredients

Neroli Essential Oil is an antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient which works wonders in reducing spots and breakouts and soothing irritation.  These properties also allow it to rejuvenate dry and tired skin, and by rebuilding skin elasticity it helps to smooth fine lines, wrinkles and generate new skin cells.

Aloe Vera works instantly to sooth, cool and heal the skin. It also aids in skin protection, repairs and relieves irritation. Aloe vera contains vitamins A and E, antioxidants and enzymes. These enzymes work to gently exfoliate the skin, keeping it clear, fresh and smooth.

Sandalwood Essential Oil is in all of our signature range products, safe to say it’s one our favourites. It’s a classic scent that is extracted from the wood and roots of the valuable Santalum album, or East India sandalwood tree. But the value of sandalwood oil goes way beyond smell- it offers many health benefits as well.

Sandalwood oil can aid in curing a whole range of skin conditions, including dry skin, wrinkles, acne, blackheads, redness and skin irritations. It can also help restore damaged skin cells.

It has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties and can help shield the skin from harmful bacteria and viruses. Two of the key benefits of sandalwood is it rejuvenates and soothes. It does this with its astringent properties, which tone and tighten the appearance of wrinkles. With its calming compounds, Sandalwood Oil has an unparalleled ability to renew the complexion. Whether it’s psoriasis, eczema, rosacea or even pigmentation, sandalwood can soothe it. Sandalwood Essential oil can provide your epidermis with the ultimate replenishment. It has powerful hydrating effects on the skin as an emollient, penetrating deeply to deliver an intense dose of moisture.

Mandarin Essential Oil is rich in antioxidants which helps it to neutralise free radicals which damage skin cells leading to early ageing.  It prevents skin infection by averting bacterial and fungal development whilst renewing the skins complexion. Mandarin Essential Oil is rich in vitamin C which contributes to wound healing, brightening and calming of the skin.

Further to this, Mandarin Essential Oil rebalances any oil on the skin to contribute towards improving the skins texture, clearing acne and soothing congested skin. We also love it because it can work to heal scarring from eczema, psoriasis and stretch marks.

Glycerine is one of the oldest and most respected skin moisturisers and is a timeless classic in skincare. It deeply hydrates the skin, to relieve dryness and freshen the skins surface, as it’s an emollient it will contribute to softening the skin. Glycerine is a humectant, which is a substance that can retain, preserve and reduce the loss of moisture in the skin.   

Bladderwrack Seaweed helps soothe skin irritations including burns, insect bites, dryness, and itchiness. It also works to flush toxins out of the skin, as it’s made of potassium, iron, vitamins and zinc.  The antioxidants in Bladderwrack Seaweed promote collagen synthesis in the skin, which will help improve fine line and wrinkles and slow down the skins ageing process.

Pro-vitamin B5 is high in vitamin E and fatty acids, which work to give the skin a natural boost and keep it soft and smooth. Pro-vitamin B5 protects the skin's barrier and helps the skin to retain its moisture levels.

Witch Hazel helps to soothe and cool the skin, and combats the effects of regular shaving. It works to treat acne blackheads and whiteheads as it’s an anti-inflammatory that soothes skin problems and help to heal them. It also works to bring down eczema and psoriasis flare ups when they are inflamed.

We hope this helped you and you got to learn a bit more about some of our favourite ingredients. Hopefully now, you can see all the fantastic benefits of these wonderful natural ingredients and how they play a vital role in MESOA For Men products.

See how well they perform in our Three and Easy: Face Routine, the set you need to build the perfect skincare routine foundation. 

If you ever want to know more about a specific ingredient or if it will work for you, don't hesitate to drop us a message on our socials, or email us