The Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit

If you’re serious about your beard, you’ll want to make sure you have the right products to get it looking sharp!

No matter it’s length or thickness, or colour, there isn’t a beard that wouldn’t benefit from the MESOA complete beard grooming kit. With products for your skin to stay clean and hydrated, plus beard treatments to soften and stimulate growth, this Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit will add another level of style to your groomed beardsman look.

Check out the MESOA premium products below to keep your facial hair in check and looking its best every day.

>Cleansing Face Wash
Your skin will come alive every morning with our Cleansing Face Wash. Get rid of the nights build-up of grime and remove excess oil and dead skin from deep within your pores, whilst hydrating and revitalising your skin. Prevent acne, breakouts and rashes and leave your face looking good! Be sure to use again before bed to repair your skin from the day’s environmental stress.

15ml, 100ml & 200ml
From £3.00

>Deep Cleansing Exfoliant
This Deep Cleansing Exfoliant from our signature range will rejuvenate your skin revealing a fresh, healthy glow. With premium quality essential oils and a unique exfoliating ingredient, Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seeds, our Deep Cleansing Exfoliant will nourish and invigorate without damaging your skin. Prep your face before a shave to help for normal growth.

15ml, 50ml & 100ml
From £6.00

>Revitalising Moisturiser
Our Revitalising Moisturiser delivers on-going hydration for all skin types, keeping the skin glowing throughout the entire day. Minimised wrinkles and a fresh and healthy complexion. Win.

15ml, 50ml & 100ml
From £6.00

>Rejuvenating Beard Oil
MESOA Rejuvenating Beard Oil will work hard to stimulate hair growth. A nourishing oil that smooths and tames unruly beards, while lightly hydrating and moisturising the skin underneath to prevent dryness and flakiness. A thicker, longer, and stronger beard which is protected and nourished and admired by all.

10ml & 30ml
From £6.00

>Boar Hair Beard Brush

MESOA Beard Brush is designed to maintain unruly facial hair. The Boar Hair bristles brush is the perfect companion for keeping your beard in check and is, for best results used after applying our Rejuvenating Beard Oil, which it will distribute evenly whilst removing dirt and grime. Suitably sized so will fit comfortably in our MESOA Leather Washbag.


>Leather Wash Bag
A must addition to your grooming collection, the essence of classic style. Our Wash Bag is 100% Leather and will be the hub of your skincare regime. The perfect size to carry all your MESOA items for your face, body, hair and beard! Fully lined and water resistant, our Leather Wash Bag has a side handle, a top zip closure, plus an iconic signature logo tag so you know you have the best! Perfect for travel or everyday use adding a touch of sophistication to your daily routine.


Looking after your beard will benefit you in so many ways. Using the products mentioned above will keep your skin and facial hair in prime condition. Simple daily treatments like applying the oil and using the brush will keep your beard healthy and well maintained. Treat your beard with the same degree of devotion you show to the hair on your head. Looking good, Sir!