Travel & Trial Skincare Sets

Good things come in small packages, right? Well, that works for our MESOA range of premium skincare products too!

With the world now opening up, there’s nothing more exciting than packing a suitcase and jetting off on a new adventure, but limited luggage space can sometimes make it tricky to take all of your favourite grooming products.

At MESOA, we offer a range of routine kits in a trial size, perfect for keeping up your skin care routine while you're away without taking up too much room in your bag. We all want to look our best no matter where we are in the world, which is why MESOA offers a range of travel size skincare products to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing while you’re on the go.

No matter your skin type, and whether your clean shaven or a rocking a beard, MESOA have a range of travel-friendly skincare products to suit, which will keep your skin clean and hydrated, and keep you looking young, fresh and fly!

All of our travel-sized must-haves are less than 100ml, so are perfectly portable and will easily fit in your hand luggage without running into any issues at the airport! Plus, these convenient size mini’s are also perfect for finding your new favourite MESOA skincare product before you buy the full-sized version.

Check out some of our top pick trial size essentials below. Bon Voyage!

 >Three and Easy: Face

Maximum results every time! MESOA Deep Cleansing Exfoliant will remove stubborn dirt and grime from deep within your pores while our Cleansing Face Wash will soothe, cleanse, and protect your skin, working to prevent acne, spots and blackheads. Our Revitalising Moisturiser will rejuvenate your skin, prevents breakouts, and minimise fine lines and wrinkles. An easy must-have addition to any modern man’s routine.

Trial contains 15ml of each product.

>Three and Easy: Beard

This easy-to-apply trio will work wonders on your facial glory, bringing life back to your hair and skin. Our Deep Cleansing Exfoliant will remove the buildup of dirt and grime, the Revitalising Moisturiser will wake up your skin, prevent acne and minimise wrinkles. Plus, to finish the job, MESOA Rejuvenating Beard Oil will nourish and hydrate your beard leaving it in premium condition.

Trial Routine 15ml Revitalising Moisturiser, 15ml Deep Cleansing Exfoliant, 10ml Rejuvenating Beard Oil.

>Three and Easy: Shave

If you’re a clean-shaven guy, this is for you. Our Deep Cleansing Exfoliant will rid your pores of all the dirt and grime that’s built up and leave you feeling fresh. Our Aloe Vera & Witch Hazel Hydrating Shaving Gel offers maximum protection, allowing the razor to slide effortlessly across your skin with no irritation. Our Revitalising Moisturiser will leave your newly smooth face glowing! This easy three-step shave combo will do your skin the justice it deserves!

Trial Routine includes 15ml of each product.

 >FourFace: Shave

Soothing and toning is the aim of the game for MESOA Cleansing Face Wash, removing all the built-up dirt and grime. Our Deep Cleansing Exfoliant will work wonders on your skin, digging deep to clean out the pores. Our Hydrating Shaving Gel features anti-inflammatory properties and adds moisture to your skin, ready for a close shave. To seal that fresh feeling, our signature Revitalising Moisturiser makes the skin come alive leaving a smooth and gentle

Trial Routine includes 15ml of each product.

>FourFace: Beard

Begin with our Cleansing Face Wash, which will clean, sooth and tone your face will maintain moisture. Our Deep Cleansing Exfoliant will rid your pores of all things bad, and our Revitalising Moisturiser will be quickly absorbed by the skin leaving you with all day hydration. Our Rejuvenating Beard Oil will soften and moisturise your facial hair while lessening the dreaded beard itch and dryness.

Trial routine includes 15ml of face wash, exfoliant, moisturiser and 10ml of the Rejuvenating Beard Oil.