Ways To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs. No one likes them, and we do our best to avoid them.  

They're something we can guarantee you've unfortunately had to encounter at some point in your life. You do a nice clean shave, but the hairs do a u-turn and grow back into the skin instead of out toward the light, creating a nasty, itchy red bump. You may look good with a smooth, clean-shaven face, but no matter how hard you try, the bump is on your mind, battling your confidence. Not only this, but they can be painful and irritating! 

Ingrown hairs are extremely common for those of us that shave regularly and shave close; plus, if you have curly hair, you have more chance of ingrown hairs being an issue around your beard and jawbone area. However, they can appear anywhere you shave. So we're on hand with premium products and tips you can add to your daily routine to help eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs.

>Step 1: Steamy Shower

Turn up the heat and get steamy in the shower. A hot shower will soften the skin and open the pores, prepping you for a close shave and will ensure the razor glides across your face with ease. In the shower, invigorate yourself with our Energising Shower Gel; it treats acne and rashes and soothes irritated, dry, and itchy skin.

>Step 2: Cleanse the night away

While in the shower, why not cleanse simultaneously and again take advantage of the hot water and steam priming the skin's surface? Soap will dry your skin, but the steamy hot water combined with our Cleansing Face Wash will unlock your pores, ready for all the night's bacteria and grime to be extracted in the next step. 

>Step 3: Scrub and Polish

Exfoliation or scrubbing will remove dead skin. By exfoliating in a circular motion and removing the dead skin and grime, we allow healthier, new skin to rise and shine! Dead skin build-up can block hair follicles on the face and lead to – you guessed it – ingrown hairs! Our Deep Cleansing Exfoliant will provide your skin with a deep cleanse and banish any dead skin, impurities, blackheads and pimples.

>Step 4: Sharp Shave

Don't forget to use generous amounts of shaving gel at all times, and choose one that's lightweight and fragrance-free to prevent skin irritation. Our Peppermint & Tea Tree Calming Shaving Gel is the ultimate product for an irritation-free shave. The carefully selected essential oils will protect your skin as you shave, with the Tea Tree oil fending off ingrown hairs and keeping razor burn at bay and Peppermint oil balancing oily, acne-prone skin. Plus, be sure to change your blades regularly; fresh razors will reduce drag and razor burn and will shave the hair as close to the skin as possible. Follow the direction of hair growth and use as few strokes as possible.

>Step 5: Hydration at its best

The finishing touch? Moisturiser. You can prevent ingrown hairs on your face by applying our signature range Revitalising Moisturiser. Using our premium moisturisers; you can hydrate your skin, protect it and soften it, leaving you with a clear, healthy complexation to keep you looking good, with not an ingrown hair in sight!

Keep your skin in the best condition with the MESOA premium skin care products, suitable for all skin types, with only essential oils and ingredients added.