What To Take In Your Weekend Wash Bag

2021, wow. Enough said.

Now that the world is starting to reopen, we can begin to travel once more, be that to a different country or within our own. Maybe you’re heading to the sun, a quick city break, or visiting family you’ve not seen for a while. Wherever your trip may take you, you’re going to need your wash bag as your travel companion to keep clean and fresh while you’re out of town, and boy, have we got the perfect premium products to fill it up!

And best of all, a selection of our signature range products come in handy travel-friendly 10ml or 15ml sizes. Perfect for when you’re struggling for space or want a light load! (Revitalising Moisturiser, Cleansing Face Wash, Deep Cleansing Exfoliant, Hydrating Shaving Gel, Rejuvenating Beard Oil).

Check out our go-to list for the ultimate wash bag on the go! 

>Peppermint & Tea Tree 2-in-1 Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner

The perfect quick and easy hair wash! Cleanse, protect and moisture in one simple step! Your scalp will benefit from the hydration added by the essential oils in the shampoo, battling the dirt and grime, and the built-in conditioner will smooth your locks, make them shine and have you smelling fresh!

>Energising Shower Gel

Daily indulgence at its best! Our Energising Shower Gel will get rid of dirt and grime, give your body a sweet smell, recharge your senses and hydrate your skin. The added moisturiser will help with skin irritation and give you a smooth and silky finish while you’re on the move!

>Peppermint & Tea Tree Reviving Face Wash

Our Peppermint & Tea Tree Reviving Face Wash will work hard to cleanse whilst cooling irritation and will offer energy and refreshment to your skin. The added hydration will keep the skin moist and used again at night will help fight back against the day’s build-up of dirt and grime.

>Revitalising Moisturiser

Use our Revitalising Moisturiser first thing in the morning to give your skin an instant, radiant glow, bursting with energy and hydration and looking good for the day ahead. Use again at nighttime to regenerate your skin overnight. Plus, use this moisturiser as a post-shave supplement to moisture and lessen the irritation.

>Hydrating Shaving Gel

Take your shave to the next level. Care for your skin with the added aloe vera in our signature range Hydrating Shaving Gel and leave it silky smooth after a close, clean shave. This premium shaving gel will protect your skin against irritation and razor burn.

>Rejuvenating Beard Oil

Our Rejuvenating Beard Oil is the perfect addition to any washbag for the bearded, groomed man. This premium oil from our signature range works its magic to stimulate hair growth, leaving only a thicker, longer, and stronger beard. Hydration and moisture is added to protect and nourish your skin.

>Peppermint & Tea Tree Texturising Hair Clay

Our Peppermint & Tea Tree Texturising Hair Clay is a must-have addition to any man’s wash bag. The essential oils in this duo will work hard to strengthen, reinforce, hydrate, and repair your hair, whilst your style will benefit from texture and volume, making you look amazing!

>Bamboo Toothbrush

Switch it up and opt for a 100% biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush! An essential piece of kit when you’re on the move! Get rid of the old-fashioned plastic one and choose MESOA Bamboo Toothbrush to compliment your wash bag!


>Leather Wash Bag

And the final touch! A must for any traveller! Our MESOA Leather Wash Bag is 100% Leather and will be the heart of your grooming products. Large enough to carry all the essential items you need to keep yourself clean and fresh and your skin and hair beaming with life! Fully lined and water-resistant, our Leather Wash Bag has ample storage space to hold all the products mentioned above with a side handle, a top zip closure, plus an iconic signature logo tag, so you
know you have the best.