Why A Beard Brush Will Step Up Your Beard Game

A good-looking beard doesn't happen on its own, it needs love, attention and a helping hand.

Enter the beard brush.

If you're serious about keeping your beard in check, in top condition with a sleek groomed style, a beard brush is your best friend. It's important to treat the hair on your face as you would the hair on your head, so regular brushing, maintenance and attention is key.

A beard brush is a man's number one tool. To keep your style fresh, healthy, in top condition and looking its best, it doesn't get much simpler than the daily use of a beard brush.

We often get asked if beard brushes are worth it. So let's explain the benefits:

The biggest advantage of using a beard brush regularly is the condition it will leave your beard in. Natural boar hair brushes like the one available here at MESOA will reach every hair giving you an even finish and an added shine, with gradually fewer dry or damaged strands the more you use it. Boar hair carries traces of sebum, which is a natural oily substance making the brush a natural conditioning tool.

Beards have a mind of their own, but brushing your beard daily will give your beard follicles a workout and help train your facial hair to grow in the direction you want it to.

If your goal is a smart, sleek beard that is thicker and healthier than the next guy, you need to invest in a MESOA beard brush, which offers excellent benefits to men with all beard lengths. Make grooming your beard part of your daily routine, style a good one and stand out amongst the bearded crowd.

Boar Hair Beard Brush

The name is in the title. All eyes on this beard brush, made from bamboo with boar hair bristles, it's the perfect complement to every bearded gents' regime.

In the growing stage? The Boar Hair Beard Brush will stimulate growth whilst taming and detangling your facial hair no matter its current length.

The MESOA logo is laser-engraved on this comfortable, easy-to-grip handle must-have brush.

How to use:

Step.1 Working your way from the root down will help distribute the sebum and keep your beard neat and well-groomed.

Step.2 Take it in sections. Segment and brush your beard in parts making sure you don't miss a strand, and once you're done, finish off your newly groomed style with one of our conditioning beard oils for the ultimate care package.