Why a Healthy Skin Routine Is Important For Men Too

Having healthy, clean and great-looking skin isn’t just about how you come across to others but also how you feel about yourself.

The MESOA for Men range of male skincare products has been specially created to care for men’s skin. Recognising there is a difference between male and female skin and what’s needed to keep a man’s skin looking superb is what makes MESOA the stand-out brand in the market. Let’s look a little more at the rise in demand for male skincare products.

Why Men are Using Skin Care Products

It’s clear there has been a shift in attitude in men of all ages, but especially those of the younger generations, when it comes to skincare routines. Why is this? Put simply, we’ve moved away from the old distinctions between men and women in which women looked pretty and men looked rugged.

The man of today has realised his potential to appeal by way of keeping himself looking and feeling good, and not just to potential partners. Professionally, more is expected of men and women in the workplace than just a couple of decades ago. We are no longer just employees; we are expected to be ambassadors for the brand.

Not only that, but role models of today have moved the goalposts where male grooming products are concerned. Sports stars advertise beard care products, male movie stars are promoting shower gel, music stars are the face of aftershaves and more. And you know what? All of this is a Good Thing, as there’s no reason why a man shouldn’t get up in the morning and go through his skin care routine and look and feel great as a result.

So, what does the MESOA for Men range have that puts it above the rest? What’s so special about MESOA? Let’s talk about some of the routines we offer.

Beard and Hair Care

One of the overriding factors behind the growth of the male grooming routines market is the return to fashion of beards. Long seen as old-fashioned and outdated, take a look around when out and about and you’ll see men of all ages – and especially the young professionals – sporting beards of various types. 

Beards are in because they are stylish and also allow the wearer a touch of individualism. No two men wear their beard the same, after all, and there are many different styles you can choose from. Keeping a beard clean, healthy and fresh is helped by any of the many beard care routines on the market.

At MESOA we lead the way with our organic beard care products that use natural ingredients to give your beard the look, feel and lift that make it one to admire. We paired our Revitalising Moisturiser and Rejuvenating Beard Oil together as we believe this combination is perfect for the 21st century man about town.

Active ingredients in each of the products include sandalwood and mandarin oils, both known for their revitalising properties, as well as popular natural skin care oils such as jojoba, avocado and neroli, the latter a known anti-bacterial that is kind to the skin.

We believe this combination of products is the best routine for the price, and as MESOA for Men is passionate about quality you have our reassurance that you’ll be impressed. If you’re a beard wearer then we invite you to check out some of our other routines including the Three and Easy: Shave routine, which includes all you need for a beautiful clean and soothing shave that will leave you feeling superb for the day ahead.

Clean and Healthy Skin

It’s a welcome change in attitude that men now take as much care of their skin as women. Once again, the reason is not just cosmetic. Healthy skin helps you feel good in yourself, and in an era where we are all under pressure that can drive us to anxiety, having confidence in your appearance is a bonus.

The MESOA for Men range includes a choice of skin care routines that we have selected as we recognised the popularity of the products involved. Among the most popular is the Three and Easy: Face routine with which you get our Deep Cleansing Exfoliant – the perfect solution for getting rid of the deep-rooted dirt that gets into your pores – along with the MESOA for Men Cleansing Face Wash with ingredients such as aloe vera and glycerine – among other natural products – that are known to soothe and cleanse the skin beautifully.

The final product in the Three and Easy: Face routine is our Revitalising Moisturiser, a favourite with our many regular customers as it restores smoothness to the skin and helps get rid of those awkward lines and wrinkles.

Each MESOA for Men product is carefully created using proven ingredients and we take great pride in our commitment to natural substances. We’re here to help you get the skin, beard and hair you deserve without the need for damaging chemicals and additives.

Making Men Beautiful

There was a time when describing a man as beautiful would have sounded odd.  At MESOA for Men we embrace the new, modern man who wants his skin to look superb and his hair to be beautifully kept, healthy and natural-looking. We also offer a range of hair care and shower products, as well as various oils and rejuvenating products, all made to our high standards of excellence and available at sensible prices.

If you’re a discerning man looking for the best in male grooming routines, we invite you to check out the full MESOA for Men range, and we’re ready to welcome you to our growing band of happy and satisfied perfectly groomed customers.