Why Men Should Moisturise

Why Men Should Moisturise

Your skin needs to be taken care of. For decades, women have used many different oils, creams and lotions, to keep their skin healthy and beautiful. Now is the time for men to do the same! 

At MESOA for Men, we have a full range of skincare routines for men that are ground-breaking and innovative. We noticed some time ago that the modern man is one who wants to look good, feel good, and have radiant, fresh, young and healthy skin. In encouraging men of all ages to indulge in a skincare routine, we believe we’ve been influential in changing the way men think.

There are a lot of reasons why men are becoming fans of skin and health care products, and the demands of the 21st century have a strong influence on this. Men of all ages recognise the necessity of looking their best. They are a part of an era that takes men’s skincare to new heights.

And so are the team at MESOA for Men who have worked hard to build a range of routines that are made from natural products, are proven effective, and are priced sensibly. Why do we say routines? That’s something we’re going to talk about right now.

The Benefits of Moisturising  

When we set out to develop the MESOA for Men range of routines we looked carefully at what is involved in keeping skin perfectly clean and healthy. We recognised that there are three stages to the moisturising process.

You start with by exfoliating the skin. By this we mean using our Deep Cleansing Exfoliant to get rid of the dirt and grime that builds up in the pores. It does so naturally and needs to be removed regularly. Think of it like this: the air we survive in is full of minuscule particles of dust, dirt and pollutants. There’s nothing we can do about it, and it simply settles on your face and skin.

Next, you use the MESOA for Men Cleansing Face Wash. This natural product includes many essential and other oils – we’ll talk about the ingredients later – that help cleanse, soothe and refresh the skin and also act as prevention for acne, for blackheads and more.

The third stage of the routine is the application of our Revitalising Moisturiser. This brings the skin back to its soft, natural state and helps with those lines and wrinkles you want to deal with. 

That’s why at MESOA for Men, we offer our products as carefully packaged routines. The three items described above are presented as a routine named Three and Easy: Face. Rather than buying three separate products that might work together, we offer you three perfectly matched items designed for the routine you want to indulge in. Try this – or any of our routines – and you’ll feel quite wonderful afterwards that we can be sure of.

That’s just one of our routines, and there are many more. Let’s look at some of the MESOA for Men products included across our range and talk about the ingredients.

MESOA for Men Moisturising Routines 

When we began researching the market for men’s skincare products, the choice was sparse. Women had a colossal range of options, yet it seemed the health and beauty world had forgotten men almost entirely. 

We also noticed trends in male grooming were changing. For example, beards are back in fashion and are here to stay. We recognised the need for beard care products alongside skincare routines and introduced routines such as Three and Easy: Beard. Similar to the above-described routine, this substitutes the cleansing face wash for our popular Beard Oil, providing care for skin and beard in one simple routine. 

A soft, revitalised and healthy beard is one you can tell apart, and that’s whatever man wants. At MESOA for Men, we are not just enthusiastic about our routines. We are passionate to the point of perfection. This is one reason why we choose our ingredients carefully.

What’s In Our Products?

To achieve the aim of natural, beautiful and revitalised skin, we turned to natural products. There are no chemical additives in our routines, only extracts and oils that are naturally obtained. 

Many of the products include glycerine, for example. A widely used ingredient in skincare it hydrates dry skin and brings it back to its natural state. We like to use jojoba oil, too, for its known rejuvenating properties and the old favourite aloe vera, used across the world in beauty and skincare products for its soothing and healing effects. 

That’s just a few of the many natural oils that the researchers at MESOA for Men chose to include when creating our carefully considered male grooming products. We’re always open and upfront about our ingredients. 

Check the website for more information on each routine and the ingredients in the various elements, and you’ll see that we have taken great care to get things right for men who want their skin to be soft, healthy and radiant.

More About MESOA for Men

The world has changed a great deal in the past few decades. The beauty industry may still be focused on women, but men now rightfully get a look in. At MESOA for Men, we worked hard to remove some of the stigma that is rooted in the macho psyche with regard to men taking care of their skin, their hair, their beards and more. We did so successfully, as we recognised the 21st-century man is one who wants to look good and feel good.

Our range of skincare routines covers everything from those we mentioned above through a variety of others. A popular choice is our ‘Power Shower’ routine designed for skincare across the body. Our researchers continue to investigate new routines and fresh ingredients to bring you the best skincare products at the right prices.

Have a look at the our ranges, where we hope you find inspiration and ideas for your skincare routine.