A Very Different Mother’s Day

A Very Different Mother’s Day

The vast majority, if not all, of us are experiencing a very different Mother’s Day to those of previous years.

Some of you may be isolating at home with your mothers, others will be in separate houses, whilst the less fortunate may be apart from their mothers as a result of the devastating impact of coronavirus.

However you and your mother are spending it we hope you’re both safe and well.

We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the mothers out there who are risking their lives and putting others first this Mother’s Day; the mothers who are working on the front line of the NHS, our other emergency services, pharmacies, supermarkets, the list goes one.

Many of these mothers will be selflessly putting themselves in harm’s way, working 24 / 48 hour shifts just to keep the rest of us safe and well.

To those mothers we’d like to say a massive THANK YOU.

No doubt most of you would rather be safe at home with your loved ones.

The least the rest of us can do is stay in our homes, and if we do need to leave for any reason, make sure it’s a very good reason.  Adhere to the social distancing guidelines. 

Do you REALLY need to go out? Is it ESSENTIAL? If so, make sure you’re at least two metres from everyone else.

So, to all mothers, especially those working tirelessly to protect our nation, we thank you.

Stay safe!