We’ve been hard at work here at MESOA HQ, researching new products and formulations for you all to enjoy and benefit from.

Some people told us that three products barely constituted a ‘range’, but it was important to us that we didn’t just produce new products for the sake of it, we wanted to offer you what you really wanted.

We therefore spent time speaking with thousands of you to understand what products you use the most, what you’d like to see more of on the market, and importantly what you like to see next from MESOA, featuring that distinctive signature scent.

And here’s what you told us, and what will be coming very soon:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Bodywash
  • Facewash
  • Shave gel
  • Deodorant
  • Hair clay

We then set about researching and the most practical, popular and high-end packaging to maintain that premium look that we value so highly here at MESOA.
The results?  You’ll be pleased to hear that we are now actively working with our laboratory to put the finishing touches to these new products to ensure that scent, texture and performance are all what you’d expect from a MESOA product.  
The new range will be available for sale from February 2020. Why so long to wait? Perfection can’t be rushed!