Excitement Is Building!

Excitement Is Building!

The 30th March saw us reveal our new Peppermint & Tea Tree with CBD range and announce that all eight products will be available for sale from mid-May.

It’s safe to say that the feedback we continue to receive on both the packaging design and the products themselves has been phenomenal.

So many of you have been asking us for months when we’re likely to be extending our range. And yes, it’s taken us a while to get to this stage, but we wanted to get it right.

We wanted to take on board everyone’s feedback; the products you want to see, the benefits you want from them, the packaging you want the products to come in and what you’d like them to look like.

As a reminder, here’s the final list of products:

  • 2 in 1 Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner 
  • Invigorating Shower Gel 
  • Reviving Face Wash 
  • Nourishing Moisturiser 
  • Brightening Face Scrub 
  • Calming Shaving Gel 
  • Conditioning Beard Oil 
  • Texturising Hair Clay


As for the feedback, this is what just a handful of you have been saying:

“They look great!! 💚

“Can't wait for the new product range. Going to be the first in line to order”

“This is quality through and through, excellent products and excellent service are the standard at MESOA, I'm so glad I found them, their products are way better than the well-known brands. I can't wait to see their range of products expand. Exceptional premium quality and value.”

I will now be a regular customer, and look forward to new products becoming available soon!

I like the sound of the peppermint & tea tree together, I bet it smells really nice.

“Smashing it lads”


So, there you have it – great feedback already. And we’re convinced that’s only going to continue once you get the products in your hands!

 In the meantime, stay safe and thanks for your continued support.