Groom Your Way to a Healthy Mind

We get asked all the time about the link between a male grooming and cosmetics company and male mental health.

Obviously, there’s the obvious, direct link between MESOA For Men and CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably; 10% of all our UK profits being donated to CALM.

But it goes far deeper than that.

We all know the hygiene benefits of having a shower, the aesthetic benefits of styling one’s hair and beard, and the aroma benefits of applying a deodorant or cologne, but whilst doing all that, are you aware of the mental health benefits too?


Looking good on the outside, and generally taking care of yourself will help boost self-esteem, self-worth and therefore self-confidence.


When feeling down and depressed it’s easy to slip out of your routine. Fighting that urge and maintaining a routine can, in-turn, help combat negative feelings.  So, take the time to look after yourself; spend 10-15 minutes everyday on your physical appearance to help yourself mentally.

We’re by no means suggesting a quick shower is the cure to depression or anxiety, but it’s the small things that can sometimes make a difference and give us a small boost.

So take time out of your busy schedule to spend some time on yourself today.