To Our MESOA Community

These are extraordinary circumstances and uncertain times we find ourselves in.  Here at MESOA it’s business as usual; we’re in regular contact with our suppliers and our staff are all currently working safely from home, in daily contact with each other.

We completely understand that shopping for skincare and grooming products may not be top of your agenda, however, our MESOA Community is a place of recovery, strength and unity that is available 24/7.  Something we can all stand by A place where we can all come together and share our stories to help each other.

We feel that opening up is now more important than ever. If you need to isolate yourselves physically, don’t do it mentally as well.

Shakespeare wrote King Lear whilst in quarantine from the Plague.  Put your story forward to help yourself and others.

Being isolated at home can take its toll on our mental health so use our Community as a place to express yourselves.

Share your views. And stay safe!