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Fourface: beard

Give your beard the same love as your skin

For the healthiest of beards use our Deep Cleansing Exfoliant that will dig deep into your pores to banish dirt, grime and dead skin. 


Our Cleansing Face Wash will leave your skin toned and your beard squeaky clean.  


Our Revitalising Moisturiser will repair, nourish, and leave your skin feeling invigorated.  


Our Rejuvenating Beard Oil stimulates growth for longer, thicker and stronger beard hair whilst leaving it soft and hydrated.  


Be ready for beard envy.  


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What’s Inside

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Rejuvenating Beard Oil

The attention your beard so richly deserves!

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Deep Cleansing Exfoliant

A formidable weapon against blackheads spots and acne!

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Cleansing Face Wash

Plunge your face into a deep cleanse!

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Revitalising Moisturiser

Immediate, visible results with our easy-to-apply moisturiser!