Boar Hair Beard Brush

Made from bamboo and boar hair bristles.

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Made from bamboo with boar hair bristles, our Beard Brush is a must-have item for every bearded gent.

Regardless of hair type or length, it will detangle and tame your beard and also stimulate growth – win-win-win.

The comfortable, easy-to-grip handle is laser-engraved with the MESOA For Men logo.

As a newbie to beard growth - this brush helped me easily stay looking well groomed


Step.1 Brush from the root to the tip, brushing this way distributes the sebum and helps to maintain a well-groomed and neat beard.


Step.2 Brush your beard in sections, ensuring all of your beard has been brushed, once finished style and apply one of our conditioning beard oils for the ultimate finish.

Detangling beard hair
Removing knots
Grooming, and styling
Distributing sebum (the body’s natural oil) to help condition your beard
Gentle on facial follicles and hair that is patchy, and more prone to breakage and split ends
Bamboo and Boar hair