Cotton Face Mask

Cotton Face Mask

Cotton Face Mask

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For these crazy times we live in.

Protective 3-layer fabric mask 3-layer protective face mask with woven fabric construction which allows the product to be washed and reused. A breathable and shaped, non-medical face mask makes the ideal solution for workplace shielding and offers a filtering functionality, to reduce particles from the environment. Outer layer: 100% Woven cotton. Mid layer: Filtering non-woven cotton. Inner layer: Soft-feel 100% woven cotton.

See key benefits

    Strap the rubber bands behind your ears so the mask fits tightly and neatly over your nose and mouth.

Key Benefits

    The Tyvek interior, with its high-density polyethylene fibres, offers excellent protection from a variety of hazards including airborne elements, liquid, oils, chemicals, and even tiny dust particles and fibre.
    Made with durable cotton and Tyvek.
    The rubber band straps fits easily behind the ears for ease of wear.
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