We want you.

Share with us your before and after photos, or film a 30 second review video, and we will give you a £50 gift card!!

Here at MESOA, you - our customers - really are the stars. Your feedback has provided us with the support and encouragement to continue making the very best male premium skincare products on the market today.


That’s why we’d like you to star in our upcoming advertising campaigns. All you need to do is grab your phone and film a short video that captures your MESOA experience. You could…

Show us how you use our products…

Tell us what you love about them…

Show us the difference they have made to your skin…

Film one of those fancy unboxing videos like the fashion bloggers do…


    …Anything goes!


    Once you’ve recorded whatever it is you would like to do or say, simply upload your video below. If we use your content, we’ll let you know and you’ll receive a £50 gift card. Don’t be shy.


    We’re looking for all MESOA men to get involved. Including you! Just follow our little filming guide below. A massively genuine MESOA thank you for your continued support. 



    Filming Guide.

    Keep it light.

    We need to see your beautiful face, so filming in the daytime is best.

    Keep it sharp.

    Film on the highest quality your phone has – 4K if possible.

    Keep it short.

    This isn’t a Christopher Nolan production, no longer than a minute would be great.

    Keep it real.

    We don’t know what this means, but it sounded cool, so we thought we’d leave it in.