FourFace: Shave

FourFace: Shave

FourFace: Shave

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Whether it’s a bright and early start, or a late-night session, this sophisticated foursome has everything a man needs to look the part.

Aloe vera & hazel shave gel for a closer than close shave. Uniquely powerful Ecuadorian palm seed infused exfoliant to prevent blackheads and acne. Soothed and toned by a deep cleanse foaming face wash. Perfected by a revitalizing moisturiser that minimises lines and wrinkles and puts all other moisturisers to shame.

Whatever’s in store, you can face it. 


*Hydrating Shave Gel 100ml & Cleansing Face Wash 200Ml in both options.

See key benefits

Key Benefits

    Glycerine, one of the oldest and most respected skin moisturisers, helps to maintain the moisture balance and hydrates parched skin. Whilst sandalwood essential oil also hydrates the skin. Hispagel 200 has excellent moisturising properties, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride resists natural moisture loss, Lipomoist 2013 has a high moisturising action that confers a pleasant and fresh feeling to the skin. Results show an immediate moisturising effect.
    Ground Ecuadorian ivory palm seeds, commonly referred to as vegetable ivory or tagua, is an ecologically harvested, sustainable rainforest product, and acts as a unique exfoliating ingredient. They clean deep into the skin’s pores to remove oil and dirt before blackheads form. Neroli essential oil is an antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that helps ease and reduce spot breakouts.
    Allantoin, found in plants such as Comfrey, helps promote skin renewal. Neroli essential oil has invaluable regenerative qualities, whilst mandarin essential oil renews the skin’s complexion and stimulates the growth of new skin cells. It can also be used to help even out skin tone and repair and protect complexion. Sandalwood essential oil has soothing, calming compounds, and an unparalleled ability to renew the skin’s complexion.
    Mandarin orange peel is rich in antioxidants. It helps neutralise free radicals that damage skin cells, and boosts circulation and blood flow to leave skin looking brighter and more radiant.
    Sandalwood’s antiseptic properties means it contributes to the prevention of acne and rashes. Mandarin essential oil is also able to prevent skin infection by preventing bacteria and fungal development.
    Sandalwood essential oil helps soothe the epidermis and tone and clarify the skin.
    Rewopol is mild on skin, helping reduce irritation and sandalwood essential oil is known to reduce itching. Bladderwrack seaweed is also known to help soothe skin irritations such as burns, insect bites, dryness, and itchiness.
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