Calming Shaving Gel - 100ml

Calming Shaving Gel - 100ml

Calming Shaving Gel - 100ml

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Experience your closest ever shave!

Get even closer with our irritation-free Calming Shaving Gel. Tea tree helps prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn whilst peppermint balances oily, acne-prone skin. Aloe vera helps protect the skin from damage and witch hazel protects, repairs and soothes the skin for a comfortable, irritation-free finish. Pro-vitamin B5 gives the added benefit of moisturising the skin. 

See key benefits

    For a closer shave, first exfoliate your face with MESOA’s exfoliating face scrub. Next, wet your facial hair with warm water, squeeze a generous amount of gel into your hands and rub into your facial hair. Shave, initially with the grain, with a good quality razor. Rinse the blades after every few strokes. Finally, pat your face dry and apply MESOA Nourishing Moisturiser whilst the skin is still damp.
Vegan Friendly
Cruelty Free
Silicon Free
Caffeine Free
Natural Ingredients

Key Benefits

    Anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties that help combat oxidative stress, Argan extract contributes to anti-ageing.
    Peppermint essential oil facilitates oil secretion, thereby helping to prevent acne, whilst tea tree oil’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties also fight outbreaks.
    Aloe vera provides great skin protection and repair benefits.
    Pro-vitamin B5 helps moisturise the skin whilst argan extract moisturises, hydrates and softens the skin. Its high vitamin E and fatty acid content gives the skin a natural boost.
    Witch hazel is well known for its soothing properties whilst both Peppermint essential oil and aloe vera also provide soothing benefits as well as cooling and healing the skin.
    Tea tree oil’s anti-inflammatory properties make it useful in relieving discomfort of itchy skin.
    Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties that help purify and cleanse the skin.
    Peppermint essential oil’s powerful refreshing and invigorating scent gives our Calming Shaving Gel its unmistakable fragrance, guaranteed to awaken the senses.
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